Santa Only Gives to Rich Kids

by The Nucken Futs

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released March 17, 2016

All songs written and performed by Aaron Dojj and Jeremy Newstead of The Nucken Futs, except Bad (Wide Awake) originally written and performed by U2.



all rights reserved


The Nucken Futs Boston, Massachusetts

Boston-based gutter punk. We like to listen to The Descendents, Strung Out, Leftover Crack, Frank Turner, etc, etc.

Aaron Dojj—vocals, guitar,

Jeremy Newstead—vocals, drums, bass

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Track Name: Sleeping in Hotels
Hitting cruise control
The one that’s gonna save you
In a room with all white walls and a broken stereo
You fall within the crease of sleep deprived
And the mindless tricks of blind reality

I woke up twice between the light
Right after the taste left before the sight
My guts are twisted, my mind is shot
Rinse for the taste, fuck sleep tonight

The pattern’s become hopeless
No one that’s gonna save you
Has a track on where you are and who you could be
If a bible don’t mean a goddamn thing
And that knock on the door breaks your solemnity
And the pills in your pocket make your swallow your tongue
Then where’s that leave the morning?
A promise of something calm
The strength to just lie down
Track Name: Father
I had a father, if I’d had a gun,
The weight of a constant loaded fight
That I was the wire, I was the son
He gave up his comfort to load his
The bottle was empty, I’d wrap my fist
Self-hate alive with the glory of it
Call it depression, color it with
Red, white and blue American dread
Sure I could have walked, I could be free
And rip the heart through the hole made in me
I had a fighter and not a
Father ashamed of me

I had aggression, if I’d had a gun
The weight of a colt in the way that it runs
A sort of comfort through your skin
Sixteen and lost, I was a part of him
Been down this road a million times
Passed out on the dream of taking my
Lifetime seems like a life of guilt
For the pain of the know I handed him
I had a father who’d taken me
Not give to the pain that surrounded
Without a fighter, I wouldn’t
Stand to see today
Track Name: Worst Places to Grow Up
You hide your smile
When they tell you that on late Sunday night
Your savior sprung a leak
And bled the causeway walking alive
You laugh ‘cause he’s not alive
I know the feeling

When you can’t decide, the finger’s on the map
You point to all small towns in America
That you can’t run to

Your face is livid colored
Cold as ice they want you to know
That you’re an evil cunt
He died today they want you to know
You’ve got this feeling this can’t be all
This country has left to give

You wear your leather studded bible belt
And scream in the dark
They tote they’re guns and tell you
It’s our all-American right
Meanwhile they piss and moan at all the simple politics
That fail their egotistic evangelical majority

Where will you run?
Track Name: Eating Artists
I know the feeling when you’re lying on your back
The public image in a silkscreen on your chest
The poster boy of political, frustrating discontent
With the social order

You feel like you were slighted
Making murders, holding hostage of your paramount disgust
They wanna hear what it is you have to give their
Pathetic attempts at enlightenment

I’m not the first to say this but
You’re living like a current
Sweeping your friends in waves
You’re bringing out the worst in all of us
I’m not the first to say this but
You’re living like a current
Just dragging us all out to

I’ve been you burrowed with my head deep underground
Thinking I’ve found the source of all disparity
Between the peasants and the artist up above
And dredge all happiness with your nihility

I can’t believe the entitled plutocrat
You become with knowledge and philosophy
Like reading Nietzsche has opened up your eyes
Fallacy just another notch in the belt

I’m not the first to say this but
Won’t you please just shut the fuck up
No one wants to hear your anyway
Track Name: Spoon
We swore that by this time tomorrow we’d be fine
The words come and go, the feeling of sickness frustrates her
I cannot leave her side for these hours she is time
Responsibly mine, like watching a clock but much slower
Goddamn when she purged I believed it was over
I watch as she wiped her mouth, it’s fucked

I need you to be not just who you are but who
You are with me, stop, I can’t stop it, easy breathe easy now
I look for some sense of consciousness in her eyes
They’re glazed like the moon, she sits on her thrown high as a kite
I said goddamn if we hadn’t just found you
This morning, you could have been

Don’t leave me, don’t leave us
You can beat this shit
No don’t give up
Don’t leave me, don’t leave us
We need you here, I need you
Track Name: Logan Airport
She was walking down the stairs
I was working my shift
Breaking up the lovers in the bathroom stall
Making a wage only acceptable for lawmakers and politicians

Faking a sickness I snuck out the backroom late
But early for drinking
Airport bars seem a bit off
When you’re not quite right and you don’t quite drink

That’s when I saw her sipping whiskey
Holding back the shots she took me
By surprise, I heard a man once say
Without my phone I’d be real lonely
So I checked my phone

For a second I was watching myself
From the eyes of a sullen stranger
And suddenly I was naked and cold
On a bar stool sucking on a seed from a lemon wedge

That’s when I saw her wipe her mouth and
Hold her glass like a newborn child
Eyes deep in film like memory
I forgot the last movie I’d seen
I think it was Fargo

Goddamn if we can fly
And heaven help us if I sing
I never thought I’d see a girl look so sad
I never though I’d change my mind

Putting on her jacket, she stood up
And left her cash so flat and plane
Pressed between her hands together
Like it was a sin not to be clean

Bent over to grab her bag
I watched it slip right out her pocket
Picked it up my lips managed to ask
When do you come back from Chicago
Track Name: Feeling Alright
Wide eyed, black eye
The blood it covers
My face from the lines
Across the polaroid, this
White lit, back light
Card is all I have from the
Party on Brighton Ave, alright

Andrew, Andrew
Is what we shout in the night
At the dawn of the coming sight
And we run about it right about when
Everybody hears the feedback cry
For us, we’re privately live
While the girls and the guys
Start fight starting streaking up the
Our enemy lines, a little friendly fire
Just a kick in the head from the mosh life
Lost in the thrill of the pleasure of dancing red

Get it, got it, fucking getting gotten good
Makes you feel alright when everything ain’t right
It’s a far cry for psychotic I gotta try
For the size of the shred of time I got left in the
Right now, following a symbiotic
Meaning to why it makes us feel alright
To get punched and bruised, the party battles on
Get ready to die, don’t have to tell us twice

We work all day to scrap a dime
To make it down to 115
Get in late, it erupts at nine
A swan dive caught on a polaroid
Track Name: (Home)
We spent the night laying on pizza
Boxes greased and laden with
Our clothes, too hopeful not to vomit
Spit and spears can’t shake

Backs are wet and aching from
The wooden planks that line our floors
We’d rest our eyes if weren’t for
The kids outside our door

I dropped the faucet down the drain
You broke the cupboard standing on
The chair we used to prop the window
Facing a brick wall

Christmas lights that line our ceilings
Cover up the spider webs
Of water damaged brick and mortar
Left us filled hope

That we could be the might over the madness
As I try to hide and leave the pain behind me
Just to wake and face the cog that breaks the cycle
The strength I had the moment that you found me

I left the last house all alone
With ghosts and memories unknown
The next place that we call our own
As long as we’re together it’s our
Track Name: Black Tie
I bought a black tie for my throat
It hangs and whispers, “don’t let go”
Don’t take a symbol for the mourn
Convince yourself you really care
I spent a lifetime letting in
Obsessive pity feeding guilt
Hiding shame and misdirect
I thought I had to block it out

I bought a black tie just to feel
Like feeling sad was not a thought
I had to make it about me
I’m working but I’m not there yet
I spent a lifetime letting in
Obsessive pity feeding guilt
Hiding shame and misdirect
I thought I had to block it out

How do you let it fade away

Intentions pull the shovel out
And bury her down with the pain
We sit and wonder where we go
Could she be at least a ghost?
We feel so weak we turn our heads
The truth becomes a thing we dread
I feel so weak I turn my head
Only I know that she’s not dead
Track Name: Stardust
I’ve traveled time and space and back around
To coalesce a million, atomic specs of stars
Take a look around the universe
On Wise from Ursa minor to the earth
Faint of heart ain’t for the faith of ours

Recreate the specs of light from thirteen billion
Years of travel through all that has existed
To shape me and you
Take a look at all we had to fight
To points terrestrial fruits that bear life
Don’t forget to question what is truth

Well above the sun, the sights remain concealed
And we know not what we cannot know
Still all befell, and all that left has fallen
Brought the stardust in me to that in you

Take on me
Take me on
I’ll be gone
In a day