America Falls Into The Ocean

by The Nucken Futs

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America Falls Into The Ocean is the follow-up LP to Santa Only Gives To Rich Kids. Recorded at Parker Hill Studios, 2017, fueled by political discourse and the Boston winter air...


released January 20, 2017

All songs written and performed by Aaron Dojj and Jeremy Newstead of The Nucken Futs. © 2017 Brooklyn Dojjers Records



all rights reserved


The Nucken Futs Boston, Massachusetts

Boston-based gutter punk. We like to listen to The Descendents, Strung Out, Leftover Crack, Frank Turner, etc, etc.

Aaron Dojj—vocals, guitar,

Jeremy Newstead—vocals, drums, bass

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Track Name: Sleep Rituals
I had a conversation with my dad last night
He wasn't there but we talked anyway
I had a conversation with my dad last night
But we didn't have much to talk about
I knew what we'd say if we weren't so shy and selfish
I know I have his voice in my head

I spent a lot of time thinking how I've been and how I could be
So much worse off than I am today
But if I had just a little less time to think
I might not be so sad in the first place

She says "nothing" and I know it's true
There's nothing left to say
I'll take the bad with the good but the bad feels so much worse
Guess I'll just go crawl into my bed and wait

I said, "holy hell, good goddamn and what the fuck"
I guess it's not the point I meant to make
I said, "holy hell, good goddamn and what the fuck"
There's no one left to hear me anyway

I'm sick to death please let me in
My hands are cold and tired but they won't stop
I'm sick to death please let me in
There's no one left to hear me
Track Name: Facemask
I wanna play hooky today
And witness what else can this fucking world do for me
Cuz I feel lost inside
And it's been the worst time ever

We're gonna play hockey tonight
Not gonna it from abso-fucking-lutely no one
We wanna play on the streets of our fading youth for times we've given to our jobs our lives fading into

Blue line, the clock is ticking down
And I don't wanna be here waiting
To see the red light
Flash past my eyes
Forgot my facemask on my floor
Can't play goalie tonight

There's a kid on his couch
Blown knees from fucking up his switch
But he'll get back on the ice
'Cause it's been the best time ever

I wanna get back to when
I felt alive like a kid for the first time
Put a fire into me
Not sit around and wait for something better to be happening

It's time to drop our gloves and fight
For our lives aren't getting any longer
It's time to drop our glove and fight
There's no playing goalie tonight
Track Name: This Is Not My Country
Today I woke up on the wrong side of the couch
Sweat marks staining both my underarms
With blood-shot, tear-struck eyes
I awoke from several night horrors
That terrorized my mind
Just to find my nightmares became real
It made me want to die

There stands a man on the top of what was earth
But what lies beneath his feet now are the flames of what he's burned
'Cause I'm sure there is no god
And I'm sure he has no soul
But if there was a god we'd all
Have a home in the underworld

This is not my country
Nor is it yours
We are aliens
We are vagabonds
We are burning your flag
We will not let you make us hate

It destroys everything that we have worked for
"My country tis of thee," well fuck it every word
Fuck the rock and rills, thy wooded hills
Fuck every mountainside
Fuck the anthem, I won't stand for it
And fuck the stars and stripes

But don't worry 'cause I know it'll be alright
Yeah aside from blacks, Latinos, punks and queers I think you might survive
They will kill you for the color of your skin or for your creed
They'll watch you die along the streets they walk for power, lust and greed
Track Name: Chicago
You haven't been the best friend
'Cause you've been my best friend now
But you live a thousand miles away
I always say it's early
And still it hurts to know that we
Could spend our nights less than an arms-reach away

I guess I'll hold my phone
And wait for something beautiful from you
It's what you are

It's been this way for half our years
That I've been wasting your time
Not telling you just how I feel
And leaving you out to dry
I've paved the road with cheep advances
For once I've made up my mind
To go to Chicago

I'm so dead sick of aching
Feeling like I'm half of a whole sickness
Wishing that you could be here love sick with me
I haven't gone a day
Without thinking of how I'm to say
That I'm still a thousand miles away from you

We're petty people bent on
Bending over, to bend but not to break
Hope you don't break

Late at night passed out on the couch
I turn my head to see that the Skype's blacked out
Call you up at three a.m.
Just see your face in a light right next to mine
Waiting for the moment that
I see you there in my dreams
It's all I've got for now
Track Name: Nobody's Perfect (But You Suck)
I sleep all day and I
Talk with my mouth full when I eat
Ignore my friends texts and
Nobody's perfect but you

I laugh real loud and I
Talk to myself in my sleep
I pissed the bed and
Nobody's perfect but you suck

Wrong in the head
Talking suicide in again
I make it all about myself I'm centered
Nobody's perfect but you suck

I am a sin
I'm sloth and greed and glutinous
I have a sickness, call me mad
Nobody's perfect but you suck

I hate my home
And family think like they owe me anything
I think I'm tone-deaf and
Nobody's perfect but you suck

I shot a kid
Left him dying in the streets
His mom and dad won't see him live
Nobody's perfect but you suck
Track Name: Mania
Eyeing the sky for my
Riding to take me to
The party, death of my body like a party
Kill all my thoughts like a party
Waiting to feel like I'm high

I'd tell you what I said if I could
I'd take it back like I wish you knew
That it wasn't me just a man with his mania
I'm flying high like I've killed my mind

I wanted to tell you last night I was
Fucking feeling like shit I was insincere
My voice tied up in my throat sometimes
Gets out when I start to lose my mind
Track Name: Wrong Way To Live
Have you seen the news?
Looks like god is on his high horse
'Cause all we got is politics
That make it seem like someone's watching
Whether you are "good"
And whether it affects the "family"

Well I don't give a fuck
What you want to say is right
'Cause all I got to you
All I got is a wrong way to live
Track Name: Knocking At Your Door
Some have it but you'll never know it
Idiocy roll it up and smoke it out
Like mad they'll hit you like a potent
Ass-tight jeans wrapped around a shit toaster

They're here to run our republic
Sharper than a spoon but not much like they might hurt themselves
Give them a helmet for their troubles
Watch them flush a country down the toilet

I have a penny for their thoughts
If one light blinks another burns out
Pack their bags and set a course now
It's time to move into the White House

Betsy Betsy
You're an upper crust sadist
You're a mean, abiotic backwards
Evangelical dick
For christ's sake we hate it

Keep knocking at your door
I hope you slept this year
'Cause you ain't gonna sleep the next four more
Track Name: Get Right
I've been having flashbacks to my room
And feeling like a child
Forced to think the things they feed to you
And wasting all your time

When you can't get right
And they fucked your life
From a bay state town
Where they bring you down
And fuck thinking for
Your own mind's at war
With who they want you
To be and who you are right now
Track Name: The Sweetest Things
I sit in silence 'fore I get
Into a state of insignificance
We all are nothing all alone

The marks I hate or just forget
To wait or just to be without
I spend the hours in hell
All alone

Instead I hear
Hateful little words
And swallow them up whole
When you say the sweetest things
That get covered with panic

You cannot take the sweetest things
And cover them in panic
Track Name: Can't Let My Voice Out
Can't find a goddamn mailbox
On these last twelve blocks
To mail this goddamn letter
To my family back home
Heard they're down on their luck
And if I know them well
They'll peel the goddamn stamp off
Get their good two cents for it back

I think a thousand different things
At any time
Buy not one single thing about you
Has yet to cross my mind
It takes a special kind of hurt
To block you out
But it's what's best for me
My friends and family tell me that

The cork's stuck in my throat
I can't let my voice out
The cork's stuck in my throat
You keep speaking for me now

Feeling brings me shame
Feeling freaks me out
I'll do anything for feeling like I'm not
A ghost without a sheet
A mind without a home
I buy books that bring me comfort
Even though

I need to find a mailbox
So I can mail myself
All the things left to say
To help me live without
You're a broken record
Guess I'll take the day
Listen to this on repeat
Track Name: I've Got To Get Myself Outta Here
Can you please abandon me
This taken from a refugee
Who holds a gun in his hand
America, the promise land

And if there's time to let the free
Cast their own across the sea
But not enough to see the men
After we've bombed their only land

Hold my head up high
And look on past
These fallen trees
And dead-end drives
(I've got to get myself out of here)
I hope one day
This town will burn
With no one there
And no returns
(I've got to get myself out of here)

You live in the rust belt center and
You, you've got a little problem
With all those people and their
Funny cultures and funny skin
That look just a little bit different from yours and I got

I got, I got a permanent headache
From the post-modern afflicted majority
Who live in their little towns and feel the need
For their church to be represented in their democracy